GRAVEDGR @ Bloom Nightclub (21+)

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GRAVEDGR @ Bloom Nightclub (21+)

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Unleashing Darkness: The Saga of GRAVEDGR

GRAVEDGR, the mysterious figure lurking in the shadows of the electronic music scene, brings a unique blend of hard-hitting beats and dark, ominous melodies to the forefront. With an aura of mystique surrounding their identity, GRAVEDGR has risen to prominence with their spine-chilling soundscapes and captivating performances.

Known for their bone-rattling basslines and haunting melodies, GRAVEDGR has unleashed a series of chart-topping tracks that have left listeners in awe. Hits like “Rampage,” “Kamikaze,” and “Jesse James” have become anthems in the world of bass music, earning GRAVEDGR widespread acclaim and recognition.

Beyond their chart success, GRAVEDGR’s electrifying live performances have garnered them a devoted fan base and solidified their reputation as one of the most exciting acts in the industry. Their relentless energy and raw intensity on stage leave audiences spellbound, craving more of GRAVEDGR’s dark magic.

With their dark and enigmatic persona, GRAVEDGR continues to push the boundaries of bass music, captivating listeners with their otherworldly soundscapes and relentless energy. As they continue to carve their path through the electronic music scene, GRAVEDGR remains a formidable force to be reckoned with, leaving a trail of darkness in their wake.

ADDRESS: 919 Fourth Ave suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101
PARKING: Reserve with SpotHero
DRESS CODE: Upscale casual. No beach clothing, shorts, sandals, tank tops, sporting attire or baseball hats. Management reserves the right to make all final dress code decisions & can refuse entry for any reason.

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Ages - 21+

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April 12, 2024 @ 10:00 PM (PDT) to
April 13, 2024 @ 02:00 AM (PDT)

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