Pickle @ Academy LA (21+)

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Pickle @ Academy LA (21+)

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Let’s meetup for Pickle!


Pickle: Electro-Flavor Pioneer

Pickle, the Australian DJ and producer known for his electrifying sound and genre-defying creations, has made a significant impact on the global electronic music scene. Hailing from Sydney, his musical journey is characterized by a unique fusion of electro, house, and bass elements.

His breakout hit “Body Work” quickly gained international recognition, showcasing his ability to create high-energy tracks that dominate dancefloors. Pickle’s discography boasts a range of hit tracks like “On The Drums,” “Rump,” and “Live, Laugh, Love,” each a testament to his knack for crafting infectious and unforgettable tunes.

Pickle’s music has garnered him a devoted fan base and acclaim within the industry. His energetic live performances, marked by pulsating beats and engaging stage presence, have graced renowned venues and festivals worldwide.

As an electro-flavor pioneer, Pickle continues to push creative boundaries and shape the genre with his innovative productions. With hit tracks that command attention and a reputation as a rising star, he remains a captivating force in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

ADDRESS: 6021 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
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DRESS CODE: Upscale casual. No beach clothing, shorts (except summer), sandals, tank tops, sporting attire or baseball hats. Management reserves the right to make all final dress code decisions & can refuse entry for any reason.

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Ages - 21+

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July 26, 2024 @ 10:00 PM (PDT) to
July 27, 2024 @ 03:00 AM (PDT)

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