Joyryde b2b Habstrakt @ Time Nightclub (21+)

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Joyryde b2b Habstrakt @ Time Nightclub (21+)

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Let’s meetup for Joyryde & Habstrakt!



Joyryde: Igniting Dance Floors with Genre-Defying Beats

Joyryde, the British DJ/producer, revs up the electronic music scene with his genre-blurring beats. His fusion of bass, house, and hip-hop creates a signature sound that’s electrifying dance floors worldwide. Joyryde broke out with the viral hit “Hot Drum” and has since continued to dominate charts with tracks like “I Ware House” and “Madden.”

His prowess behind the decks has earned him a dedicated following, showcased at major festivals like EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland.

Not only a musical maestro, Joyryde is an audio-visual innovator. His unique approach to production incorporates elements like custom-designed cars in his music videos, pushing the boundaries of creative expression. His dynamic performances and relentless work ethic have garnered praise from industry giants like Skrillex and Diplo.

Joyryde’s meteoric rise is a testament to his ability to blend the old with the new, creating a sonic experience that’s both nostalgic and futuristic. As he continues to push boundaries, Joyryde stands poised to be a defining force in the electronic music landscape for years to come.


Habstrakt: Bass Music Maverick

Habstrakt, the French DJ and producer Adam Jouneau, has risen to prominence as a trailblazer in the world of bass music. Renowned for his infectious beats and genre-blurring creations, Habstrakt’s musical journey is characterized by his ability to captivate audiences with his unique sound.

His breakout track “Chicken Soup,” a collaboration with Skrillex, quickly became a dancefloor anthem and catapulted him into the spotlight. Habstrakt’s discography boasts a range of hit tracks like “Infinite,” “Real,” and “About You,” each showcasing his dynamic production skills and ability to seamlessly blend elements of bass, house, and dubstep.

Habstrakt’s exceptional contributions have earned him widespread acclaim and support within the electronic music community. His electrifying live performances, marked by pulsating energy and boundary-pushing drops, have graced major festivals and stages worldwide.

As a bass music maverick, Habstrakt continues to shape the genre and leave an indelible mark with his innovative compositions. With hit tracks that dominate dancefloors and a reputation as an influential producer, he remains a driving force in the ever-evolving world of bass music.

ADDRESS: 1875 Newport Blvd B245, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
PARKING: Lots by the venue. Rideshare recommended.
DRESS CODE: Upscale casual. No beach clothing, shorts, sandals, tank tops, sporting attire or baseball hats. Management reserves the right to make all final dress code decisions & can refuse entry for any reason.

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