“Day Trip” featuring Luttrell with Cut Snake & Lee Wells @ LA Historic Park (21+)

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“Day Trip” featuring Luttrell with Cut Snake & Lee Wells @ LA Historic Park (21+)

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Let’s meetup for “Day Trip” featuring Luttrell with Cut Snake & Lee Wells!


🏙️ Get ready for breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Los Angeles skyline, a bigger sound system, tons of parking, fully decked out décor & experience, all at one of the most sought after venues in the city. 🙌


Luttrell: Pioneering Indie-Fusion Trailblazer

Hailing from San Francisco, Luttrell has fearlessly crafted a genre-defying sound, merging indie elements with house and techno influences. Remixed by legends like Moby, Tycho, and Jai Wolf, his distinctive style has garnered BBC Radio 1 support and earned Annie Mac’s coveted “Hottest Record in the World” title for “Intergalactic Plastic.” Esteemed figures like Pete Tong, Kolsch, and Joris Voorn champion his innovative productions.

As an Anjunadeep standout, Luttrell has graced iconic stages worldwide, from San Francisco’s Bill Graham to London’s Printworks. He’s shared the limelight with Above & Beyond, Rüfüs Du Sol, and Lane 8 during their US tours.

A pivotal year arrived in 2019 with the release of his debut album, “Into Clouds,” an ethereal journey intertwined with dancefloor anthems. Luttrell’s prowess took center stage at major festivals like Outsidelands and Electric Forest, and he co-headlined the Anjunadeep Open Air tour, leaving an indelible mark.

With a trail of success behind him, Luttrell stands as a beacon of innovation in the dynamic world of electronic music.


Cut Snake: Masters of Infectious Grooves

Cut Snake, the Australian DJ and production duo, have made a resounding mark on the global dance music scene with their infectious grooves and magnetic performances. Hailing from Down Under, their musical journey is characterized by a fusion of deep house, tech-house, and indie influences.

Known for their hit tracks like “Echo,” “Paradise,” and “Dr. Um’s Party Tutorial,” Cut Snake’s discography showcases their ability to create irresistible beats that ignite dancefloors worldwide. Their music has gained recognition from fans and industry peers alike.

Cut Snake’s remarkable achievements include performances at iconic festivals such as Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, solidifying their position as crowd favorites. Their electrifying live shows, marked by seamless mixing and high-energy interactions, have garnered them a devoted following.


Lee Wells: Sonic Maestro

Lee Wells, a visionary artist and producer, has carved a unique niche in the world of electronic music with his mesmerizing sonic landscapes and genre-defying creations. Hailing from a diverse artistic background, his musical journey encompasses a fusion of ambient, experimental, and electronic elements.

Lee Wells’ innovative approach to sound design and composition has led to the creation of captivating tracks such as “Ethereal,” “Synaptic,” and “Luminous Dreams.” His discography showcases a mastery of blending textures and melodies that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

Widely acclaimed for his artistic endeavors, Lee Wells has been recognized for pushing creative boundaries and received accolades for his exceptional contributions to the realm of sound and visual art. His immersive live performances, marked by intricate visuals and mesmerizing soundscapes, have left audiences in awe.

As a sonic visionary and creative maestro, Lee Wells continues to explore uncharted territories, evoking emotions through his music and captivating audiences with his multimedia experiences. With his innovative approach and dedication to pushing artistic limits, Lee Wells stands as a luminary in the evolving landscape of electronic music and visual art.

ADDRESS: 1279 N. Spring St Los Angeles, CA 90012
PARKING: Lots by the venue. Rideshare recommended.

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