Beyond Wonderland 2025 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre (18+)

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Beyond Wonderland 2025 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre (18+)

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Beyond Wonderland: A Surreal Symphony of Music & Magic

Step into a realm where reality blurs, and imagination takes flight at Beyond Wonderland, a transcendent festival that weaves enchantment into every beat. This spectacular event invites revelers to traverse the rabbit hole into a wonderland of pulsating rhythms, stunning visuals, and an otherworldly atmosphere.

Hosted by Insomniac, the visionary creators behind some of the world’s most iconic festivals, Beyond Wonderland transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes of color, sound, and mystique. With multiple stages featuring a lineup of top-tier DJs and performers, the festival promises an auditory adventure across genres, from the heart-pounding bass of dubstep to the grooves of house.

As day turns into night, the grounds come alive with vibrant lights, interactive art installations, and fantastical characters that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Beyond Wonderland is more than a music festival; it’s an immersive experience that beckons attendees to embrace the extraordinary and let their wildest dreams take flight.

Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-time explorer, Beyond Wonderland is a journey into the extraordinary, where the ordinary dissolves, and the magic of the moment reigns supreme. Join the collective consciousness of music lovers and seekers of the extraordinary as Beyond Wonderland unfolds its chapters of magic, music, and memories.


ADDRESS: 754 Silica Rd NW, George, WA 98848
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Ages - 21+

Event Time Expiration - 01:30 AM





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June 21, 2025 @ 03:00 PM (PDT) to
June 23, 2025 @ 01:30 AM (PDT)

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