Bassrush presents: Wilkinson with Grafix @ The Belasco (21+)

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Bassrush presents: Wilkinson with Grafix @ The Belasco (21+)

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Wilkinson: Drum & Bass Pioneer

Wilkinson, a prominent figure in the drum and bass scene, has been a driving force in shaping the genre’s evolution. With a career spanning over a decade, he has consistently delivered high-energy tracks that have garnered widespread acclaim.

His debut album “Lazers Not Included” catapulted him into the limelight, featuring hit singles like “Afterglow” and “Too Close,” both of which achieved massive commercial success. “Afterglow” in particular earned Wilkinson a top-five spot on the UK Singles Chart and was certified Platinum, firmly establishing him as a household name.

Wilkinson’s dynamic live performances have taken him to iconic venues and festivals worldwide. His ability to captivate crowds with his infectious energy and impeccable mixing skills has solidified his status as a live music sensation.

In addition to his chart-topping success, Wilkinson has received numerous awards and nominations, including the prestigious Best Single accolade at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards. His contributions to the drum and bass genre have been recognized and celebrated by both fans and industry peers alike.

As Wilkinson continues to push the boundaries of drum and bass, his influence on the genre remains undeniable. With a dedicated global fanbase, he stands as a testament to the enduring power of electronic music.


Grafix: A Visionary Sonic Architect

Grafix, the UK-born DJ and producer, has ascended the ranks of the drum and bass realm with his innovative sonic tapestries and forward-thinking approach to electronic music. As one half of the renowned duo Fred V & Grafix and a solo artist in his own right, Grafix has left an indelible mark on the global dance scene.

Throughout his career, Grafix has seamlessly woven together elements of melodic drum and bass, liquid funk, and uplifting beats, creating a signature sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. His solo debut, “Radiance,” released on Hospital Records, captivated listeners with its emotive melodies and intricate production, establishing Grafix as a force to be reckoned with.

Grafix’s musical journey reached new heights with his standout singles like “Stutter” and “One Day,” both receiving widespread acclaim for their genre-defying soundscapes. His ability to craft infectious melodies and dynamic basslines has earned him recognition within the drum and bass community and beyond.

As a testament to his impact, Grafix has been featured on prominent stages at major festivals and events, sharing his visionary sonic creations with diverse audiences. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of drum and bass, Grafix stands as a sonic architect, continually shaping the future of electronic music with his boundless creativity and distinctive style.

ADDRESS: 1050 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
PARKING: Lots by The Belasco. Rideshare recommended.
DRESS CODE: Upscale casual. No beach clothing, shorts, sandals, tank tops, sporting attire or baseball hats. Management reserves the right to make all final dress code decisions & can refuse entry for any reason.

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Ages - 21+

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