Factory 93 presents: VTSS @ Lot 613 (21+)

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Factory 93 presents: VTSS @ Lot 613 (21+)

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Let’s meetup for VTSS!

We hope you’re ready to bounce. VTSS is coming in hot March 2.



VTSS: Sonic Sorceress of the Underground

In the heart of the pulsating electronic music scene, VTSS, born Martyna Maj in Poland and currently based in London, emerges as a commanding force in the world of techno. With an innate ability to orchestrate sonic landscapes that transcend conventional boundaries, VTSS has carved a niche as a leading DJ and producer.

VTSS’s journey into the realm of electronic beats began in Poland, where she absorbed the eclectic influences of the vibrant local scene. Her migration to London added new dimensions to her sonic palette, and she swiftly became a torchbearer of the city’s cutting-edge sound.

Known for her raw, industrial sound, VTSS has curated an impressive discography that resonates with techno aficionados worldwide. Tracks like “Atlantyda,” “Toxic Bleach,” and “Borderline” showcase her ability to harness relentless energy while maintaining an intricate balance of melody and dissonance. Her work has found a home on esteemed labels like Intrepid Skin, REPITCH, and VEYL, solidifying her status as a sought-after artist.

VTSS’s impact extends beyond the studio, commanding dancefloors at renowned venues and festivals globally. Her prowess behind the decks has earned her accolades, with performances at institutions like Berghain and Tresor in Berlin, as well as recognition as one of the leading figures in the contemporary techno renaissance.

As VTSS continues to redefine the sonic boundaries of techno, her journey unfolds as a testament to her unwavering dedication to the craft. In the dimly lit spaces of the underground, VTSS stands tall as a sonic sorceress, conjuring spells that resonate with the beating heart of the techno movement.

ADDRESS: 613 Imperial St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
PARKING: Lots by the venue. Rideshare recommended.

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Ages - 21+

Event Time Expiration - 03:00 AM





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March 2, 2024 @ 09:00 PM (PST) to
March 3, 2024 @ 03:00 AM (PST)

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